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Investment and financial products and services involve substantial risks. You should carefully consider these risks before investing in or purchasing any financial product or service. In particular, you should carefully review and consider all risk disclosures that are provided for any investment or financial products and services. You should evaluate these risks with your professional advisers.

The introduction of investments through Capitama Limited, are available only to those persons who are financially sophisticated, are capable of evaluating the risks and merits of investing in any such products, can bear the economic risk of an investment in such products for an indefinite period, and can afford the loss of their entire investment.

By accepting our Risk Warning (General and Specific) you accept and acknowledge you have read these warnings and understand that risks exist and accept such risks without limitation, conditions, warranties or indemnity by Capitama Ltd.

Consequently, you should consider the following specific risks;

Specific Warning

Investing in, but not limited to, Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes, Enterprise Investment Schemes, Startups, Venture Capital investments and Venture Capital Trusts, Early Stage Private Equity investments, Private Equity Funds, Private Equity Fund of Funds, Hedge Funds, Hedge Funds of Funds, direct or co-investments, equity, debt, hybrid and convertible investments, tradable or transferable securities and other speculative investments including in geographies, sectors or industries and structures that are unknown or unfamiliar to you, involve a number of financial, reputational, tax, legal and governance risks.

If you choose to connect with or invest in such Investment Projects, you hereby acknowledge and accept full liability for a number of important risks and factors and agree to consult your investment advisor before you make any investment decision or unless you meet the requirements of professional investor, self certified high net worth or certified sophisticated investor.  In any event you should obtain specialist professional advice where appropriate before proceeding with any investment.

Investment Risk

The value and income of any of the securities or investments and the price of investments and the income derived from them, which are posted on this site, may fall as well as rise. Investors may not receive the original amount invested in return. Investors should also be aware that past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Taxation Risk

Statements concerning taxation are based on our understanding of the taxation law in force at the time of publication. The levels and bases of taxation may change. You should obtain professional advice on taxation where appropriate before proceeding with any investment.

Loss of Capital Risk

If you connect to an investment and subsequently engage that investment with a view to investing, your capital may be at risk.  You may be exposed to a significant risk of losing all of the property or other assets invested.  You may lose all or some of your invested capital.  You should seek the professional advice of your financial advisor before making an investment.

Liquidity Risk

Some of the Investment Projects posted on the site will be highly illiquid. There may be no secondary market for the underlying assets of the Investment Project.  This means that you may not be able to sell your holding until and/or unless the Investment or investee company enters into some type of event where provision exits for you to realize your investment.  You should seek the professional advice of your financial advisor before making an investment.

Exchange Rate Risk

Investment Projects, including but not limited to, funds and other assets that have exposure to overseas securities or currencies, are exposed to movements in exchange rates. These may cause the sterling (GBP) or your base currency value of units to go up or down.  You should seek the professional advice of your financial advisor before making an investment.

Dividend Risk

Some Investment Projects including, but no to limited to SEIS, EIS schemes, venture capital or start up investments may not pay dividends for a long period of time.  This means that if you invest in a business as introduced through the site, even if it is successful you are unlikely to see any return of capital or profit until you are able to sell your shares in the underlying investment.  You should seek the professional advice of your financial advisor before making an investment.

Dilution Risk

Any investment you make into an Investment project on this site is potentially subject to dilution.  If the Investment Project raises additional capital in the future, it may issue new units of the investee company to the new investors, and the percentage of the investee company that you own could decline. New units may also have certain preferential rights to dividends, sale proceeds and other administrative or organizational matters, and the exercise of these rights may work to your disadvantage. Your investment may also be subject to dilution as a result of the grant of options (or similar rights to acquire shares) to employees of, service providers to or certain other parties connected with, the investee company.

Diversification Risk

Investing into Investment Projects, particularly illiquid investments or higher risk strategies, should only be done as part of a diversified portfolio. This means that you should consider investing across a number of businesses and Investment Projects (not restricted to this site) than investing into just one or two Investment Projects. It also means that should you decide to invest into start ups, you should consider investing only a small proportion of your investable capital in these types of asset class, with the majority of your investable capital invested in safer, more liquid assets.  You should seek the professional advice of your financial advisor before making an investment with the view to diversifying your portfolio.

Debt Securities Risk

Investments in higher yielding bonds issued by borrowers with lower credit ratings may result in a greater risk of default and have a negative impact on income and capital value. Income payments may constitute a return of capital in whole or in part. Income may be achieved by foregoing future capital growth.

Emerging Markets Risk

You should be aware of the additional risks associated with investment in emerging and developing markets. These include: higher volatility of markets; systems and standards affecting trading, settlement, registration and custody of securities all possibly lower than in developed markets; less reliable and stable, local or domestic governance arrangements; lack of liquidity in markets and exchanges leading to lower marketability of securities and greater price fluctuation; significant currency volatility, possibly resulting in adoption of exchange controls; lower shareholder protection or information to investors provided from the legal infrastructure and accounting, auditing and reporting standards

Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes Risk

Unregulated collective investment schemes (UCITS) operated in offshore centres are unlikely to offer a level of investor protection equivalent to that available in the UK.  Such schemes may deal infrequently and may limit redemption.  By comparison, typically, UK authorised collective investment schemes invest on a ‘long-only’ basis. This means that they will rise (or fall) in value based on the market value of the assets they hold.

Gearing and Leverage Risk

Some of the Investment Projects on our site could be in investment companies or assets, of which, use gearing as a strategy or invest in other investment companies which use gearing, such as investment trusts. The strategy which the issuer of such securities uses or proposes to use may result in movements in the price of the securities being more volatile than the movements in the price of underlying investments. Such investments may be subject to sudden and large falls in value and you may get back nothing at all if there is a sufficiently large fall.

Derivative Risk

Some Investment Projects posted to this site may employ synthetic shorting techniques, or broader derivative techniques that will establish both ‘long’ and ‘short’ investments.  As a result, as well as holding assets that may fall or rise with market values, they will also hold positions that will rise in value as the market falls and fall in value as the market rises.

Derivatives held by the Funds will be accounted for and taxed in accordance with the Statement of Recommended Practice for authorised unit trusts. It is the intention of the Manager that all derivative strategies employed will be for investment purposes. However, should HM Revenue & Customs successfully argue in the future that such strategies constitute a trade for tax purposes or decide to impose new rules on the taxation of derivatives, this may lead to tax leakage within the Funds.


The descriptions above are intended to provide a summary only of the main specific risks associated with Investment Projects on this site.  They are not exhaustive and should not be relied upon in isolation.


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